Thank you to everyone who replied to our consultation! We were really pleased to see such an enthusiastic and positive response!

We had an overwhelming response in favour of our bid!  We collected some wonderful comments some of which are included under the snapshot results! We will keep you updated on the progress of our bid!

Best wishes

Elen Roberts 

SEARCH education trust CEO 


“Following on from the success of The Grove, this new school would be a fantastic addition to the Trust. They would benefit greatly from the excellent leadership and guidance from Mrs Santi and her team. In addition, it would be wonderful to welcome a new family to our current MAT. I thoroughly support this new venture and I am delighted that the primary children and families in Enfield will have an opportunity will be able to learn and grow in a safe and accomplished environment.”


“If we can more schools like The Grove then the world would be a better place”


“This trust has a track record of excellent outcomes in different settings. I am proud to work at this trust and would love to see it expand”


“Amazing idea! Following the outstanding Ofsted rating at the grove and the hard work of all the staff… this would be an amazing venture to be part of!”


“… proven to be successful and is obviously doing something right. It makes sense to share this expertise and learn in the process for the benefit of autistic children across North London.”