Outcome of Sixth Form Consultation

The opening of a new Sixth Form on the Heartlands High School site requires external funding. The Trust has applied to the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF), which requires compliance with all Department for Education (DfE) conditions prior to any funding approvals. Accordingly, one such condition is open consultation where significant changes are proposed.

The Trust originally consulted for the Sixth Form in 2017 (8 May – 26 June) to support the unsuccessful 2017 CIF bid. However, in lieu of the 2018 CIF resubmission, a new public consultation took place between 21 January 2019 and 25 February 2019, this being a five week period.

This involved sending details of the proposal and inviting comments from:

  • all parents/carers – via text and email linking to an electronic questionnaire
  • the Local Authority
  • local Sixth Form providers including those outside the Authority
  • Schools and Colleges likely to feel an impact of the Sixth Form (inc. Primary Schools);
  • the Regional Schools Commissioner

The details were also posted onto the school website, with an invitation of translation, on request, to one of four major languages within the school.

In addition, a public meeting was held on 6 February at 7pm, in which a small number of parents attended. No objections were raised at this event.

Overall 95 people/parties responded (note, 137 responded last time) using an online questionnaire/email of which:

  • AGREE: 88% (84) were in favour of the school opening a Sixth Form (note, 85% were in favour last time)
  • DISAGREE: 9% (9) of respondents said that they did not want the school to open a Sixth Form (note, 14% disagreed last time)
  • NEITHER: 2% (2) respondent neither agreed or disagreed, but just asked about a possible course
This can be broken down as:
I agree

  • Benefit to students (14)
  • Enhancement of School (18)
  • Enhancement of Sixth Form offer within local authority (4)
  • Agree with no qualifying comment (47)
  • Agree with no sensible comment (1)
I disagree

  • Duplication of other Sixth Form provision (3)
  • Students like to leave 11-16 schools for a fresh start (2)
  • Vexatious or Malicious (2)
  • Disagree with no qualifying comment (2)


Neither agree or disagree

  • Question about courses (1)
  • LA response


In conclusion, the consultation was effective and demonstrated that an even higher percentage of stakeholders support its opening, i.e. 89% of respondents. There is also a strong argument as agreed by Haringey that the coming pupil bulge will require extra sixth form places over the coming years.